2021 Apple creek, De PERE, wi

Once again we visited Apple Creek Campground. Its the perfect location for us because it is a short ride to my family.

Apple Creek Campground has two levels. There is the main campground then there is an upper campground. This is the campground we use because it can accommodate larger RV’s.

The newest thing since the last time we visited Apple creek is the new path at the upper level campground which lets you walk down to the lower level.

Footpath to pool

Creek Crossing

In prior visits here we had to down to the road and walk along a busy highway in order to get to the main campground. It is so much safer and the walk is great exercise.

On Mondays and Thursdays there are water aerobics classes. The class lasts about 40 minutes. At that time the pool is closed except for those who attend the class.

Apple Creek is a great campground. The lower level has a large play are for kids. Clean restrooms and showers.

Enjoy camping?? Come to Apple Creek.

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