After several years of traveling in large rigs we made the decision to down size. We bought a Grey Wolf Toy Hauler. It has a lot less storage than the Thot Outlaw. We did realize that when we emptied the Thor we had items stored in it that we had never used on our trips. Obviously, the more storage available, the more stuff we took. However, now with the Wolf, we have to really pay attention to what we pack.

When we don’t go camping we visit various destinations with our time share. We really enjoy that also. We have several trips being planned for 2024. Watch for updates.

The New Look of Lonestar Gypsy

New Camper and Truck

Our dog Nala had adjusted quite well to the Wolf.  She used to sit by the door and whine when we had to leave her in the Thor camper.  With the Wolf, she senses we are getting ready to leave and jumps o the bed and that is where we find her when we come home.  


Once the Can Am is taken out, the living space we have is quite adequate.  We replaced the original table with  slightly smaller one and put it under the big window on the left wall.  This gives us better seating at bench seats and also gives us storage un the table for shoes, computer bags, etc.    There is enough room under each of the bench seats for three totes which provides more storage for items we use more frequently; food items, rain gear, bike leathers, 

living area

We love the large refrigerator and the oven.  To the right is where the TV is now mounted.  There is storage below that for a DVD player and other items.  


We fell in love with, what we called the Star Trek shower.  It has a rounded shower door which gives us more shower room.  Water can be directed to come out of several different shower heads.  

Star Trek Shower

The biggest selling bright and point for me, was all the windows  and a sky light.  I love all the natural light which makes it look more spacious.  We are very happy with out new travel rig.  The ore we travel the better we are at economizing our limited space which is a continual work in progress.  

“The Tail Wagging the Dog”

When we bought the Wolf we  had traded our smaller Jeep in for a Jeep Gladiator so we would have the towing capacity for the camper.  On our very first trip with it we realized that semis and high winds were our enemy.  At our first stop with the new set up, we immediately started looking for a bigger vehicle.  Trucks were really scarce, but we found a 3/4 ton Chevrolet Silverado, the only one within hundreds of miles..  We didn’t want to give up our Gladiator but feel much safer with out set up now.  

2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB

Lonestar Gypsy is on the road again. From Wisconsin to Minnesota to visit family. Then to Moondance Jam in Walker, MN for an outdoor 4 day concert. Then to Sturgis, South Dakota during the big Sturgis rally with CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) members. Its going to be an exciting summer. Please follow along.