2020 CMA Fall color run

Every year the Christian Motorcyclists Association holds a fall color run in Mena, Arkansas. The main goal is to raise money for the Run For The Son which involves various ministries. Their is lots of fellowship with other member throughout the United States.

Worship service. Great messages from CMA leaders and uplifting music from the worship band.

It is always planned during the fall color season. Groups go out viewing the fall colors.

A unique dining experience is enjoyed by members. This is an original train car turned into a dining car. Great food.

it was a great time at the CMA Fall Color Run and looking forward to the 2021 International Fall Color Run where CMA members from chapters around the world can attend.

Fortress Beer Works

This Harvest Host site open air brewery.

Beer Vats

A unique list of beers.

Indoor Seating

Since we visited here during Covid restrictions it worked out well with the fabulous open air concept. There is seating inside and out.

The huge parking area has the plenty of room for Rv’s and local patrons.

It is an open air establishment with seating inside and out. Their home brews on tap can be purchased. Food can be ordered form an outside food hut with many choices. Staff was very friendly. This Host site is very popular with the locals

San Gabriel Beer Works

A small building nestled in the woods with huge parking area for RV’s.

The hosts were very pleasant and accommodating.

You can purchase beer to take home or sit and purchase the different types of brew. This is where is all happens.

Some local patrons stopped in for a few beers.

Meeting locals or other travelers adds to the uniqueness of the Harvest Host program. Great conversations, laughs and a good time. This establishment also has live entertainment on the weekends.