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Often times when we travel our destination is several days away. To save money we boondock. Since the places we stop at have no hookups we rely solely on our own water supply and generator for electricity.
Most Wal Marts allow overnight stays. We park on the outer edges of the parking lots so as not to interfere with their customers.
Along any interstate there are also waysides/rest stops, some of which even have 24 hour security. We have found out that some of these stops have lots to park in away from the interstate. With the interstate you have continuous road noise. If you find a wayside with (off road) parking the road noise is greatly reduced. Of course you have semis coming and going but it is still less noisy without the constant traffic of the interstate. We are starting a list of rest stops which we have found which have overnight stays away from the highway.

Glenrio Visitor Center New Mexico

This visitor center has huge parking areas for those tired travelers.

Glenrio Rest Stop
Glenrio Rest Stop

This is the first rest stop that I have even seen with a dog run.  Great idea.

We were awoke around 1 a.m.  by loud bangs then flames.  A fifth wheel caught on fire.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but the 5th wheel and pick up were totally destroyed.

Sure hate to see things like that happen.   But sure glad no one was hurt.



Unique Rest Stops

In our travels  we have come across a unique rest stop for Route 66 fans. The Conway Rest Stop on I 44 West, Missouri where we Boondocked over night.

rest stop rt 66

The center walk way — Route 66

Along the walk on both sides are picnic areas decorated with 50’s themes.

Rands Garage

50’s Gas Station

Larry’s Motel 66

Floyd’s Barber Shop

Kevin’s Market

When you are driving through Missouri, make sure to stop at this Rest Stop.  Perfect place to take a break.  Huge parking areas for cars, trucks and Rv’s