October 2023 Port Aransas, Texas

Most every year, we take a trip to Port Aransas, Texas. My late art instructor, Robert Garden took a class there every year for 49 years to do painting classes fishing, beach walking, swimming, etc.

Lonestar, Gypsy and Nala enjoying the beach.

Kite flying is a great past time when in P.A.

Every year a fishing boat is chartered for those interested.

A well known sand castle builder gives our groups free lessons.

Every year we have a meal for the entire group and a painting demonstration. This year Guy Morrow did a lovely painting which one class member purchased for her home.

This year would have been his 50th year to return to the place Robert loved. We gathered on our last day there to pay tribute to the man we knew and loved. Prayers were said.

Roberts ashes were taken by the warm ocean breeze and whisked away in the tide.

Robert was home

Our trips to Port Aransas continue every year. I am sure Robert looks down on us and smiles.