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2021 POINT LABADDIE brewery

Inside seating. There are several picnic tables outside if you want to enjoy the fresh air.

Brewing Room

We had a great time here. We were there on a Thursday. On Thursdays they have a flea market and food vendors. There were several vendors with various products. We met lots of great people.

A nice variety of beer.

For the non-drinkers, they have a great root beer.

This is definitely a place where we will stop again. The owners are great. there is a huge parking area for RV’s. We were parked on one side and there was another huge area on the other side of the building. Four RV’s showed up while we were there.

Definitely a place we will return to.


A brewery with a generous selection of beer plus restaurant with a varied menu. The staff is friendly with great service. This brewery is owned by a veteran. Veterans who eat here get a discount.

We didn’t get any pictures but is has lots of seating at the bar and plenty of tables. We had some food and it was very good. This is another Harvest Host and it was worth the one night stop.

2021 hill PRARIE winery

Hill Prairie Winery is unique. The winery building is actually designed from an old barn.

Being an old barn you can still recognize where the stalls used to be.

. Wine Selection

There is a n upstairs where weddings and gatherings are held. The upstairs used to hold several hundred bails of hay

They serve food on Fridays with a very limited menu. We had the steak and it was excellent. The baked potato is topped with a very tasty garlic butter sauce. If we ever return to Prairie Hill I plan to try the ribs.

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign.

We definitely recommend the Hill Prairie Winery.

2021 LaVina Winery, Anthony, new mexico

Harvest hosts have become our favorite stops when we are traveling and want to stop just for the night to rest up before another day of driving.

Our visit at this time was when COVID restrictions were in place. Plus we were there in January and it was pretty cold.

There was a beautiful patio that we sat in. The inside of the store was closed. So we ordered from the outside and sat in this charming patio.

We were able to select several different wines. A real plus was they had some homemade cheese which we had with crackers. It was fabulous and bought some to share with our family.

2021 Permian basin petrolium, Midland, Texaxs

This was a very interesting and informative Harvest Host stop. Everything you ever wanted to know about oil drilling and petroleum products can be found here. There is a great history behind the petroleum industry. Here is some information from the past.

One of the most interesting displays shows all the products we use daily that require petroleum in order to produce them.

The facility also had a field of many oil rigs from the past.

Oil drilling was a very dangerous job, especially when it came to driving the truck with nitroglycerin.

One display at the museum was quite interesting. It was an oil drilling ‘lego’ city was built entirely by students.

Seeing this museum brought with it the reality that without petroleum most of those items we are comfortable with could no longer be made.

Fortress Beer Works

This Harvest Host site open air brewery.

Beer Vats

A unique list of beers.

Indoor Seating

Since we visited here during Covid restrictions it worked out well with the fabulous open air concept. There is seating inside and out.

The huge parking area has the plenty of room for Rv’s and local patrons.

It is an open air establishment with seating inside and out. Their home brews on tap can be purchased. Food can be ordered form an outside food hut with many choices. Staff was very friendly. This Host site is very popular with the locals

San Gabriel Beer Works

A small building nestled in the woods with huge parking area for RV’s.

The hosts were very pleasant and accommodating.

You can purchase beer to take home or sit and purchase the different types of brew. This is where is all happens.

Some local patrons stopped in for a few beers.

Meeting locals or other travelers adds to the uniqueness of the Harvest Host program. Great conversations, laughs and a good time. This establishment also has live entertainment on the weekends.

Fransen’s farm– Jackson, MN– Harvest host

This Harvest Host is a working farm. We were able to see the newborn calves, watch the free range chickens scurry around and tour the operation. This was a great place to rest and relax.

As with all Harvest Hosts the product they sell is their beef. We purchased several packages of ground beef. We were hoping to get some steaks but they were all out.

When produce is in season you can also buy a variety of fresh garden vegetables. Unfortunately we were at the beginning of the season so we missed out on the home grown produce.

We had a nice relaxing time at the Grazin Acres Farm before once again getting on the road to continue our travels.

windcrest winery– Raymond, NB– Harvest Host

This winery is nestled in the woods. A cabin sits among the trees with a view of the grape vine fields. You can walk the trails through the grapevines or sit on the front porch and have great conversations with other travelers and the owner.

Various wines are available for purchase.

This Host site only has a few spots for RV’s so, as with all Harvest Host sites, you need to call and reserve your space.