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2019 Camping World, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Seemed the time for an upgrade.  We found a great deal on a toy hauler camper.  Prior to our trip to Myrtle Beach, we did phone negotiations.  Before we even left for our trip to South Carolina we had purchased a 2018 Thor toy hauler.

2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB

With all our travels it made sense to buy it, especially since we got such a fabulous deal on it.  With the toy hauler we can take our Can Am motorcycle and also tow our Jeep so wherever we go and no matter what the weather, we have transportation.

Here is the garage with the extended deck, another awesome feature.

2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Garage
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Garage
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Deck
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Deck


2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB kitchen
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB

A loft bedroom for guests

2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB stairway to loft
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB stairway to loft
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Loft
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Loft

Dining area with a residential refrigerator

2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Dinette and Refrigerator
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Dinette and Refrigerator

Front cab with snack table

2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Morning Coffee
2018 Thor Outlaw 37 RB Morning Coffee

A giant thanks to our salesman, Kieth Johnson and our genius with the numbers, Sofiane Yahiaoui for making this deal happen!!

We recommend Camping World in Myrtle Beach if you are looking for that home away from home.


Sink Stains

We  were told when we bought our RV that because the sink was not stainless, it would stain from coffee and other things.  Within a year ours was looking pretty disgusting.  We had tried many products to clean it and nothing worked.

We got to the point where we were talking about getting a new sink.  We knew it would be costly but we seemed to have no choice.

One day I went to a store and bought Soft Scrub.  I knew it would not damage the sink surface and it was the one product I had not tried previously.  Well, it worked!!  The stains were gone and the sink looks brand new again.

So if you encounter this problem, there is an inexpensive fix.

Trip Record

When we plan our trips and secure an RV park, we print the receipt/itinerary and put it in a folder  with the dates printed boldly on top.  If we plan several trips at one time we then put the first stop on the top.  When we are going to the next campground we move the old one to the bottom and the new one on top.  When you stop to register you have all your information at hand.  At the end of the year, we put all these itineraries in a folder with the year written on it.

It is a great way to keep records of where you have been.  If you decide to return to the same campground you can see if there had been a price increase plus you have phone numbers available.

This makes registration quick and easy.  Hope this tip has helped you.


Choosing an RV Park

Traveling for the past two years , LoneStar and I have been learning new things all the time when it comes to RVing.

Choosing an RV park can be the most time consuming.  When choosing an RV park, think first of what you plan on doing for your trip.

If your trip involves being located in one spot and going to see area attractions, choose a park that gives easy access to the area.  Although many of these parks are not spacious, they at least have water and electric with a dump station.   For example, we went to Graceland and stayed in the RV park there.  Sites were close together an no extra amenities beside water and electric but we spent little time at the RV park.  By the time we returned to the RV, we are so tired even the traffic noise didn’t bother us.

If you are looking for a relaxing camping style we often times go to Corp of Engineer parks.  They are inexpensive and the ones we have stayed at are very clean and well manicured with lots of trees and large sites.  They have fire rings, picnic tables, some have play areas for kids.   These parks are usually quiet and tucked away far enough from roads which eliminate traffic noise.  These parks are located throughout the U.S.

Then if you want all the amenities including a pool, entertainment, game room, etc. you can find RV parks that can accommodate you.  Just know that the more amenities, the more the cost.

If you go to google earth it will give you a birds eye view of the park you want to stay at.  This is helpful because you can see the topography, and how the parks are designed. It also gives you an idea of how spacious the lots are and if they are near rivers or lakes, etc.  Also it will show you major highways or train tracks near the site.

We always plan far in advance, coordinating a time schedule to be at each park we plan to stay at.  This takes some time consuming planning, but it works out well.

I hope these tips are helpful, at least to new RVers.  Have fun and enjoy your travels.


Making the Bed

We have an Ace RV with a King bed.  It has some room to walk around but the bed is still difficult to make since you can’t reach to the top of the bed.  The mattresses in RV’s are light, so what we have started doing is to pulling the mattress away from the headboard so we can make the top part of the bed first.  We then slide the mattress back into place and finish putting on the fitted sheets. Bed-making made simple, at least for us.

Selecting an RV Park

Many RV Parks are near interstates or busy roads.  We found they are okay for one night but for extended stays we do our research and find RV parks that are off major highways.  Often times this means a greater cost to stay there but if its a several night stay it’s worth it to find those parks.  Many critiques we have read about RV Parks state road noise as the main complaint. To check out surroundings for the RV park go to  Google maps satellite view which shows major highways and railroads.

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