2015 Lake Bridgeport

We were anxious to try out our new RV so we took a short drive from our home to Lake Bridgeport. There we could hook up to water, sewer and electric, or ‘boondock’ (no water, electric with generator). To boondock was a very low fee, water, sewer and electric sites had a minimal charge.

Lake Bridgeport graveled sites
New Thor Chateau at Lake Bridgeport

The sites are gravel and are fairly level.

Lake Bridgeport
Lake Bridgeport
Lake Bridgeport
Lake Bridgeport
Gypsy and Cerys at Lake Bridgeport
Gypsy and Cerys

Beautiful lake with a gorgeous view.
The camping area also provides you with fishing docks, picnic tables, and campfire areas.
We were not anticipating documenting our trips so not many photos were taken.
It’s always a good idea, when you buy a new RV, to take a trip close to home. This way you can familiarize yourself with the RV and how things work, and of course which things don’t. Although you may have bought it brand new, there will always be issues that need looking into.
Also, it takes a while to figure out how you want your belongings arranged, i.e. food, clothing, etc. This of course will change with each trip because you will always find that rearranging to a more usable location works better.


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