Choosing an RV Park

Traveling for the past two years , LoneStar and I have been learning new things all the time when it comes to RVing.

Choosing an RV park can be the most time consuming.  When choosing an RV park, think first of what you plan on doing for your trip.

If your trip involves being located in one spot and going to see area attractions, choose a park that gives easy access to the area.  Although many of these parks are not spacious, they at least have water and electric with a dump station.   For example, we went to Graceland and stayed in the RV park there.  Sites were close together an no extra amenities beside water and electric but we spent little time at the RV park.  By the time we returned to the RV, we are so tired even the traffic noise didn’t bother us.

If you are looking for a relaxing camping style we often times go to Corp of Engineer parks.  They are inexpensive and the ones we have stayed at are very clean and well manicured with lots of trees and large sites.  They have fire rings, picnic tables, some have play areas for kids.   These parks are usually quiet and tucked away far enough from roads which eliminate traffic noise.  These parks are located throughout the U.S.

Then if you want all the amenities including a pool, entertainment, game room, etc. you can find RV parks that can accommodate you.  Just know that the more amenities, the more the cost.

If you go to google earth it will give you a birds eye view of the park you want to stay at.  This is helpful because you can see the topography, and how the parks are designed. It also gives you an idea of how spacious the lots are and if they are near rivers or lakes, etc.  Also it will show you major highways or train tracks near the site.

We always plan far in advance, coordinating a time schedule to be at each park we plan to stay at.  This takes some time consuming planning, but it works out well.

I hope these tips are helpful, at least to new RVers.  Have fun and enjoy your travels.


2017 Bay Shore Park, New Frankin, WI

We have stayed at this RV park twice already.  The park is lovely, great hosts, lovely walking trails.  There is a trail has that leads down to the beach. It is an interesting walk as you walk on a narrow path next to rock formations.  There are signs explaining that this path has some difficult areas to walk being uneven and rocky.  Extreme caution must be taken before while walking this trail..



When you get to the end of the path there are several flights of stairs to get to  the lake.   Fishing, swimming, sand beach.

The only bad thing about reaching the bottom is you have to climb back up.   Although if the trip down wore you out there is a paved road to get back up the hill.

So if you ever get to Bay Shore Park check out this trail.   A calorie burner for sure.  Enjoy.