March 2024 The Cove, Ormond Beach, Florida

The condos have all been updated.

Every year we try and take a family trip where we all get together at a destination, usually in Florida or Arizona. This year we went to Ormond Beach, Florida.

I took this phot of my family. We enjoyed a fabulous meal at the sea side restaurant.

Always time to enjoy the beach.

This photo may very likely become one of my oil paintings.

We always enjoy eating out and one of the highlights of this trip was finding the restaurant “Absolutely Cheezy”

The food was amazing. Homemade tomato basil soup, and potato chips enhance any one of the many varieties of grilled cheese. In fact, my daughter Angela, made up her own grilled cheese and they made it how she wanted it and actually have plans on putting it on the menu. Its called the Amped Angela; grilled cheese with Swiss and American and homemade onion petals. We loved this place so much we went back again for a second time.

Girls like to shop so we found this great consignment clothing store. definitely a ‘must stop’ on your next visit to Ormond Beach.

Charlie Horse actually located in Daytona Beach also got a thumbs up from all of us.

Families are important and we find it a blessing to be able to spend such lovely quality time together.