Veterans Memorial

This memorial is located in Wisconsin by a gas station.

A very well done tribute that tells a story of veterans. Many soldiers have given their lives so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy. God Bless them all. Here are some of the photos we took.

I hope you enjoyed this Veterans Tribute page. Whenever I see someone with a veterans cap on, I make sure to go to them and thank them for their service to our country. They deserve our respect.

2021 lates restuarant

Lates has been around for a long long time. During the days when Gypsy went to high school this was the lunch time hang out.

The food is always good. Cheese curds and onion rings are very popular and quite delicious.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Pizza burger with cheese curds

Lates homemade onion rings.

Gypsy and Lonestar at Lates. Visiting Lates is a tradition whenever we get to Manitowoc, WI

This restaurant is one of those small town icons that has survived all these years. It will be one of those places we visit anytime we are in Manitowoc, WI.


There is counter and table seating. This was quite a popular place. It was Sunday lunch crowd and people were waiting in line.

Patty Melt


The food was great. The menu has many items to choose from and what we had was great.

We really enjoyed this restuarant.

2021 POINT LABADDIE brewery

Inside seating. There are several picnic tables outside if you want to enjoy the fresh air.

Brewing Room

We had a great time here. We were there on a Thursday. On Thursdays they have a flea market and food vendors. There were several vendors with various products. We met lots of great people.

A nice variety of beer.

For the non-drinkers, they have a great root beer.

This is definitely a place where we will stop again. The owners are great. there is a huge parking area for RV’s. We were parked on one side and there was another huge area on the other side of the building. Four RV’s showed up while we were there.

Definitely a place we will return to.


A brewery with a generous selection of beer plus restaurant with a varied menu. The staff is friendly with great service. This brewery is owned by a veteran. Veterans who eat here get a discount.

We didn’t get any pictures but is has lots of seating at the bar and plenty of tables. We had some food and it was very good. This is another Harvest Host and it was worth the one night stop.


It is always fun while traveling to find different restaurants. Hometown Grill was exceptional.

Small town diner with great service and great food with real generous proportions.

Perch Dinner

Cheeseburger and Fries

They have a real varied menu, something to satisfy everyone.

2021 hill PRARIE winery

Hill Prairie Winery is unique. The winery building is actually designed from an old barn.

Being an old barn you can still recognize where the stalls used to be.

. Wine Selection

There is a n upstairs where weddings and gatherings are held. The upstairs used to hold several hundred bails of hay

They serve food on Fridays with a very limited menu. We had the steak and it was excellent. The baked potato is topped with a very tasty garlic butter sauce. If we ever return to Prairie Hill I plan to try the ribs.

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign.

We definitely recommend the Hill Prairie Winery.

2021 Apple creek, De PERE, wi

Once again we visited Apple Creek Campground. Its the perfect location for us because it is a short ride to my family.

Apple Creek Campground has two levels. There is the main campground then there is an upper campground. This is the campground we use because it can accommodate larger RV’s.

The newest thing since the last time we visited Apple creek is the new path at the upper level campground which lets you walk down to the lower level.

Footpath to pool

Creek Crossing

In prior visits here we had to down to the road and walk along a busy highway in order to get to the main campground. It is so much safer and the walk is great exercise.

On Mondays and Thursdays there are water aerobics classes. The class lasts about 40 minutes. At that time the pool is closed except for those who attend the class.

Apple Creek is a great campground. The lower level has a large play are for kids. Clean restrooms and showers.

Enjoy camping?? Come to Apple Creek.